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Manga for India

July 1, 2018

Manga for IndiaNew Life Ministries, in partnership with NEXT Manga and Mission India, is committed to printing and distributing 550,000 Manga Messiah in Hindi for the people of India.

Manga for IndiaHow exactly would that many books be used? Mission India, our partner on the ground across the country, is conducting children’s bible clubs, adult literacy classes, and church planter training, connecting with literally millions of adults and children. They have a strategic plan for reaching youth for Jesus in states throughout the country.

Manga for IndiaChildren’s Bible Clubs

Each year, approximately 5 million children are reached through 10-day Clubs (similar to Daily Vacation Bible School). Resources are available in more than 20 languages, and approximately 60-70% of children in these Clubs are from non-Christian families. Summer programs are followed up with Year-Long Clubs, which meet for two hours each day. These year-long discipleship group are led by volunteers from local (Indian) churches. Each Club has 40 children on average, and each year 5,000 to 6,000 Clubs are conducted across India.

Adult Literacy Classes

These Bible-based Literacy Classes run for two hours per night, five nights per week, for one year. The most responsive populations are the rural poor, mostly of the social status that is called “untouchable” or Dalit. Just under 4,000 of these Classes will start in August 2018 (4,000 different villages and communities). Classes have 30 learners each and are offered in nearly 30 Indian languages. This is a critical opportunity because newly literate adults read to their children and families.

Manga for IndiaChurch Planter Training

During the year-long program, Church Planters are trained and equipped through classroom instruction and on-site fieldwork — with the goal of reaching 600 families and establishing two new worshipping groups during the training. Church Planters visit hundreds of homes and start three to five home prayer groups, which are eventually gathered into a worshipping group.

Manga Messiah would be extremely useful in the early stages of this work to help people read and understand the Gospel. The book has been tested in a number of places and now workers are trained to use a method called “over the shoulder” evangelism, which is to simply sit in a semi-public place and read the colorful Manga book. Curious people, especially young people, will look over the shoulder of the reader, and ask “where can I get one of those?”

Indeed, the need is only surpassed by the great opportunity before us. Will you help in getting this powerful tool into the hands of children and adults across India? Contact us at or donate to learn more on how to support this project.

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