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New Life Ministries is a non-denominational literature ministry based in the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan. They believe that the Word of God has incredible power to transform lives and desire that every Christian in the world have access to a copy of the Bible in their own language. The New Life Ministries goal is to deliver 5 million Bibles, plus 15 million gospel booklets annually to those who have not yet received God’s good news.

World Bible Sponsorship is New Life Ministries way of accomplishing this goal via three ongoing projects.

Hope for LivingHope for Living Project

Many believe that disaster of March 11, 2011 has shaken Japan to the core. Even though things will never be quite the same again, now is a new opportunity for evangelism!

New Life Ministries has produced timely products for this new opportunity to proclaim the Good News to the Japanese. These products have produced tremendous results but the work of healing broken hearts has just begun.

Asia ProjectAsia Project

God’s Word is something we cannot do without in our daily lives and yet tens of millions of believers don’t have access to it for many different reasons. Since 1978, New Life Ministries has been working with other organizations to send the Word of God to brothers and sisters all over the world.

Every year, New Life Ministries prints three to five million Bibles in 25-30 different languages and delivers them to meet the tremendous need.  Will you help accomplish this awesome and urgent task?

Manga ProjectManga Project

New Life Ministries aim is to present an appealing innovative media format to youth and those who are not avid readers. They chose MANGA as a way to  accomplish that and reach into the hearts of the un-evangelized.

The first volume, MANGA MESSIAH was  translated into 22 languages, and has been enthusiastically received around the world.  Other MANGA products were produced and there are numerous reports of changed lives because of reading of these MANGA.


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