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Saved to Serve International Ministry

SSIM is a mission organization committed to raising up Christ-followers in the Caribbean. A duly registered non-government organization in the Country of Curaçao, SSIM seeks to make disciples through sound biblical teaching in schools, conferences and outreach events. SSIM also serves as a mission board for future workers in the Caribbean, supplying literature, music paraphernalia and training in biblical stewardship.

Ed and Luisette Kraal hail from the island-country of Curaçao. Answering the call to further their theological education, they left their marketplace careers and received educational degrees from the Baptist University of the Americas, culminating in their receiving masteral degrees in intercultural ministries from the Moody Theological Seminary. They feel it is time to return to the Caribbean, teaching God’s Word not only to make disciples but to strengthen the Caribbean Christian community as well. Ed and Luisette have one daughter, Jo-Hannah.

Ed and Luisette KraalGLINTS welcomes Saved to Serve International Ministry (SSIM) and the Kraals to its growing family of partner ministries and global staff members.

Your donation(s) to SSIM will help the Kraals sustain their ministry in the Caribbean. You may send your donations by the following means:

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