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AC and Theresa Acosta

Theological Education and Mobilization

In a country that has been blessed with over a century of Bible-based Christian ministry, the great need in present day Philippines is for the deepening of discipleship of established believers, as well as the training of emerging leaders.  GLINTS is honored to take a key role in this movement by sending AC and Theresa Acosta to Baguio City where AC has accepted the appointment to Keystone College as its new vice president for institutional development and international relations.

AC and Theresa came to GLINTS with a rich background of having served a combined 15 years of ministry in southern Philippines reaching Filipino unreached people groups (UPG’s).  Theresa served with OMF for over 10 years in Davao del Norte, during which time her first husband was martyred for his faith.  Their daughter, Rejoice, was just under 3-years-old at the time.  AC, a Filipino-American received his Master of Arts degree in biblical studies from Moody Bible Institute in 2000.  After several short-term missions trips to Greece, Paraguay, China, Macau and Taiwan, AC sensed God’s calling to serve in the southern Philippines.  He joined the ministry of Life Resources Foundation (LRF) in Mindanao as Bible teacher, dean of students and outreach coordinator beginning 2005.  In October 2007, AC and Theresa met at a Christian conference, nearly five years after the death of Rejoice’s dad.  Subsequent correspondences led to a deepening relationship, culminating in marriage in 2009.

GLINTS invites you to join the Acostas in the raising up of future leaders for kingdom work in southern Philippines through the development of Keystone College in Baguio City.  Their desire is not only to equip, but also mobilize young leaders for cross-cultural missions work among the UPG’s in the south. They continue to seek monthly partners to form a growing support base. To send a message to the AC Acosta, click here. To send a message to Theresa Acosta, click here.

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