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Millions of children around the world experience trauma and have very few options for the treatment of post traumatic stress.

Your gift of $30 or more can help a child receive care.

Child trauma left untreated increases risk for a host of social, neuropsychiatric and other medical problems including PTSD, school failure, risky behaviors and even heart disease.

Psychological first-aid can make the difference between life and death for a child struggling in the aftermath of trauma.

OpSAFE International has taught child trauma intervention to local communities after disaster in China, Tibet, Haiti, Indonesia, Philippines and Japan, bringing immediate help to thousands of children and increasing the capacity of the communities by training local psychological first-aid workers.

Operation Safe Kids

The challenge before us is to make psychological first-aid available for every child in the world who suffers trauma.

Please donate generously today to change whole communities for the future.


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