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Ruben and Simona Crisan

Ruben and Simona Crisan both grew up in Christian families in Romania. They separately found their way to the United States with Ruben and his family moving when he was 8 years old and Simona migrating by herself when she was 22 through a visa lottery.

Both of them also grew up with a love for music and travel, and have used their talents to serve God in the local church, as well as by participating in multiple short term missions trips.

Sensing that God is calling them to international, cross-cultural ministry in the future, Ruben and Simona began attending Levi Velasco’s (GLINTS founder) missionary prep program (MPP) class at the Moody Church in 2013. Their desire to serve as a couple in short term missions led them to take the Global Ministry Assessment Course (GMAC) of GLINTS in March 2017.

The Crisans have sought opportunities to serve in areas of the world where there are great needs, especially in influencing the younger generation, the world’s future leaders. In April 2019, they will join the Japan Baptist Fellowship’s (JBF) annual missionary retreat at the Okutama Evangelin House in the western edge of Tokyo.  They will meet with GLINTS global staff and other missionaries under JBF’s leadership in hopes of discerning the Lord’s will regarding future ministry service in Japan.

You can participate in the Crisans’ ministry by praying for them and giving financially. They will need a back-up team here in the U.S. to be effective servants of the Lord as they respond in obedience to the Lord!  Here’s how to give:

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