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How precious are the feet of those who bring good news . . . by wheelchair. A much-prized commodity among the mobility-challenged, GLOW (God’s Love On Wheels) partners with local churches in the PCEC (Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches) network all over the Philippines to not only provide mobility but also community. Pastors in a locality are tasked to identify the truly needy, build relationships and provide emotional and spiritual care to recipients and their families as well.

GLOW was borne in the heart of Filipino-American missionary to Japan, Bola Taylor. Even though Bola has joined her heavenly Father (October 2015), GLOW is moving forward with Bola’s vision. Judy Raymundo, executive director, provides inspiring leadership to GLOW.

Though used, these wheelchairs are refurbished with love and care by volunteers of Wheelchairs of Hope (WOH) based in Japan. WOH collects the wheelchairs, repairs them and finances the shipping of these used wheelchairs. GLOW, in turn, receives the shipments from Japan and disseminates them with no cost to churches nor the recipients.

Be a blessing to the handicapped community in the Philippines by donating to GLOW. You may send your donation by the following ways:

Pay to the order of GLINTS, write GLOW on the memo and send to:

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Electronic Funds Transfer is the best way to deliver your monthly support.

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