icon-touchGLINTS has made donating through EFT (electronic funds transfer) available, allowing you to automatically donate bank to bank on a regular basis.

Benefits of donating via EFT

There are a number of benefits for those who avail of this program including:

  • Eliminates the time to prepare your check
  • Eliminates the additional bank charge of 4% for donations by credit card
  • It’s automatic so that you don’t forget your monthly donation
  • You can save on postage

How to enroll

Simply download the EFT enrollment form, fill it out completely and sign it. You may send the completed form with a voided check one of two ways:

By postal mail: Send your enrollment form and voided check addressed to:

PO Box 962
Wheaton IL 60187

By email: Scan the form and a voided check and email to

Questions? We are here to help you. Please send your questions to or call (630) 923-3761 (donor assist helpline).

Address: PO BOX 962, Wheaton, IL 60187-0962
Phone: (630) 923-3761