Roof Repair Project

November 4, 2019

We mentioned this a little bit in our last post, but here is more detail.

Tateyama, in Japan’s Chiba Prefecture, experienced two major typhoons: Typhoon #15 (Faxai) on September 9th and #19 (Super Typhoon Hagibis) on October 12th. Roofs were blown off by the typhoon on September 9th, and people have been living under the blue-tarped roofs ever since, because there are no temporary shelters in the city. Then Hagibis peeled back the blue tarps and dumped more water inside their already damaged houses. In Tateyama alone, 2134 houses suffered roof damage, and the mold growing in the wet ceilings and walls is a big health problem. As the winter approaches, people are desperate to get their roofs fixed, but local carpenters are overloaded already and the waiting list is 6 months to 1 year long.

Blue tarps neatly placed in September after Faxai…
…torn and tattered by Hagibis

So CRASH is teaming up with Hiroshima’s Christian disaster response network and the Salvation Army to provide a more thorough repair for some of those houses. Professional Christian carpenters from Hiroshima will be paid to do repairs free-of-charge for victims so that they can return to their homes without health risks, and they will be assisted by volunteers. ¥900,000 of the ¥1.4 million project budget has already been donated, but we’re looking for the remaining ¥500,000 (approx. US$4,600). Please also pray for local volunteers to help the carpenters – this is a team effort.

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