A Normal Day

September 29, 2016

Levi Velasco, Author

A Normal Day

. . . was what commuters felt as they began their day as a normal routine. And then BAM! The commuter train they were riding didn’t slow down as it approached the Hoboken, New Jersey station. The NJ Transit No. 1614 hit the bumper guard rail at the end of the line and smashed through the terminal. Some on board the train described the ensuing moments in what seemed to be a very bumpy ride. As of this writing there have already been over a 100 injuries and one death reported.

This illustrates the uncertainties we face on a daily basis. A normal day can turn tragic in a matter of seconds. Hundreds of people, those who were in the commuter train and those who were in the station, will forever be impacted by this one single event. At this juncture, questions about mortality are entertained . . . but only for a brief moment.

But now that your attention is on mortality even for a brief moment, think about where you will spend eternity if this was the day your life was taken. Don’t let this not-so-normal-day turn tragic by denying the free gift of eternal life. The Lord Jesus Christ offers this to those who desire to spend eternity with Him. Don’t let it be a normal day again until you settle once and for all your eternal destination.

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