Accelerating the Global Advance of the Gospel
Rapid Deployment

Rapid deployment of global staff

Build Capacity

Building Capacity in Partner Ministries

Equip Local Churches

Equipping Local Churches for Missions-Sending

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Global Intercultural Services (GLINTS) was incorporated in the State of Illinois as a non-profit organization in May 2011. GLINTS subsequently received its tax-exempt (501c3) status in December of the same year. Our vision is to see the acceleration of the global advance of the Gospel.

What GLINTS does

The vision to accelerate the global advance of the Gospel is accomplished in three ways: deploying global staff, building capacity in partner ministries worldwide and equipping the local church to send their own to mission fields across the globe.

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Decisión is a Madrid-based evangelical nonprofit organization committed to sharing Christian values and communicating the message of Jesus Christ to the world.
Its purpose is to serve individuals and churches seeking the advancement of justice, peace, freedom and hope. read more

JBF (Japan Baptist Fellowship)

Japan Baptist Fellowship

JBF (Japan Baptist Fellowship) has been involved in Japan since 1947. They envision people and communities transformed by the love and power of Jesus as it partners with missions-focused movements, not only Japan, but throughout the world. JBF has dynamic partnerships with missionaries from all over the world focusing primarily in serving the national Japanese church. Willy and Cora Bulseco are international partner missionaries under the JBF banner. read more

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Phone: (630) 765-5501
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