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Global Intercultural Services (GLINTS) was incorporated in the State of Illinois as a non-profit organization in May 2011. GLINTS subsequently received its tax-exempt (501c3) status in December of the same year. Our vision is to see the acceleration of the global advance of the Gospel.

What GLINTS does

The vision to accelerate the global advance of the Gospel is accomplished in three ways: deploying global staff, building capacity in partner ministries worldwide and equipping the local church to send their own to mission fields across the globe.

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OpSafe Set to Send Teams to Kumamoto


On Thursday April 14th a shallow 6.5 earthquake struck Kumamoto in Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan’s major islands. This set off a series of aftershocks including an even larger 7.3 on Friday night.

Deaths, major damage and mass evacuations have been reported and we are working with local partners to provide psychological first-aid for children throughout the relief and recovery phase of the response.

As we have done for thousands of children in the Philippines and Nepal, OpSAFE International will equip churches to bring hugs, help and hope to the children of Kumamoto, Japan.

We need your help! Please give today to help Kumamoto. Click the donate button below to give.

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CRASH Assessment Teams Set for Kumamoto


The recent series of earthquakes in Kumamoto, Japan have caused devastation. The aftershocks are still rolling and the news is still flowing in. CRASH Japan’s Assessment Team is working to evaluate the situation on the ground in Kumamoto and will develop a plan for how the worldwide church can respond to the disaster with Christian Relief Assistance Support and Hope! Our work is to establish pathways for your care to reach the people of Kumamoto!

Stand with us in prayer for those affected by the disaster, for the elderly and children, expatriates and those with special needs. Also please pray for all the first responders and for all those who make decisions that affect others.

Stand with us financially. Let your donations work to bring the presence of the true Comforter to those who need comfort. CRASH is ready to send trained workers as soon as the basic lifeline is restored and a safe pathwayis established. We know that timely care by volunteers who are trained in Survivor Care can help to mitigate the emotional and spiritual damage that is done by a disaster.

Standing with us in prayer and finances will redeem the adverse effects of disasters. Your donations today will bring rich dividends in the lives of survivors. Click the donate button below to give.

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