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Erikka-Mae Magpayo

Erikka-Mae Magpayo is a Filipino-American who grew up in Albany Park, a neighborhood in Chicago’s North side.  After graduating from public high school she longed for a Christ-centered environment where she could grow more in her faith, so she pursued a Pre-Counseling degree at a Christian university.  She applied to the Moody Bible Institute without knowing that the school actually specialized in training and equipping students for ministry. Midway through her first semester she attended a missions conference that was held on campus, and it was there that she felt the Lord calling her into full-time vocational ministry.  She switched her major the following semester, gained valuable experience in training teams for short-term mission trips and graduated in the Spring of 2014. Her Bachelor’s degree is in Intercultural Studies with an emphasis on Urban Ministry.

In the Summer of 2014, Erikka-Mae interned for five months in the Philippines under GLINTS’ global staff members AC and Theresa Acosta.  She was involved in ministries that reached out to high-school, college-aged, and international students, as well as engaging in outreach to victims of human trafficking. It was in the Philippines that she realized that she truly wanted to commit her life to full-time ministry no matter where the Lord would lead.

A few months after coming back from the Philippines, Erikka-Mae became a part-time office staff member with GLINTS and has enjoyed gleaning from the experiences of the global staff. She also loves the fact that GLINTS is committed to the rapid deployment of global staff, building capacity in partner ministries and equipping local churches for missions-sending.

When not working at GLINTS, Erikka-Mae serves at her home church, and for the past five years has served as a youth leader, praise and worship leader, Sunday School teacher, college student mentor. In addition, she also performs administrative tasks in collaboration with church leaders and staff.

In the near future, Erikka-Mae is looking forward to training short and long-term team members once again, as well as possibly leading a short-term team herself. Lord-willing, she will one day serve as a career GLINTS global staff member.  Stay tuned to learn how you can support Erikka-Mae in prayer. There will be opportunities to support her financially as they arise.

Address: PO BOX 962, Wheaton, IL 60187-0962
Phone: (630) 344-9584
Skype: glintsassist