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Who We Are

Christian-Relief-Assistance-Support-Hope (CRASH) is a non-profit Christian disaster relief organization based in Tokyo that is officially recognized by the Japanese government. CRASH keeps overhead expenses low by relying on volunteer staff of Japanese Christians and missionaries.

CRASH understands that the church is the most effective vehicle for providing relief physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Local groups of believers are already a part of their community and will still be there after disaster relief organizations have moved on. For this reason CRASH volunteers work alongside pastors and members of local churches whenever possible.

CRASH Japan is committed to partnership. We work closely with JEMA (Japan Evangelical Mission Association) and the JEA (Japan Evangelical Association) and partner with other relief organizations on location when responding to disasters.

What We Do

BEFORE DISASTER STRIKES, CRASH focuses on equipping and preparing local churches and mission groups to be ready to respond effectively. CRASH conducts workshops to train pastors and lay Christians in how to meet physical and spiritual needs in times of disaster and encourages churches to form networks and plan cooperative relief efforts so that they will be ready when disasters happen. CRASH also maintains a database of pre-registered volunteers and contacts for disaster relief.

WHEN DISASTERS HAPPEN. CRASH mobilizes new and pre-registered Christian volunteers and coordinates with churches and other ministries in and near the disaster area to place workers and send supplies where they are needed. CRASH volunteers have helped in a wide variety of ways including clean up, rebuilding, distributing supplies, listening to survivors, planting crops, doing arts and crafts, holding concerts, distributing flyers, and helping out at mobile cafés.

CRASH Japan -- What We Do


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How You Can Help

EVERYONE can pray for people who are suffering in times of disaster and for organizations like CRASH that provide relief and assistance. Also, everyone can encourage others to be aware and concerned about people suffering in times of disasters.

MANY PEOPLE are able to help with a financial donation to support CRASH in providing Christian Relief, Assistance, Support, and Hope to people in disaster areas and to fund ongoing efforts to train workers and prepare Christian churches to be ready for future disasters.

SOME PEOPLE may feel called by the Lord to serve as volunteers. If you have a heart to serve as a disaster relief volunteer, please visit the CRASH Japan website to learn more.

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