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Bob and Disha Moreau

Bob and Disha met at the South Asian Friendship Center (SAFC) in 2007 in Chicago’s Little India. At that time, Disha was a student at Moody Bible Institute and Bob was working at Moody Radio’s satellite radio station.

Bob grew up in Maine and studied computer science and engineering at Geneva College (Beaver Falls, PA). He’s been actively involved in ministry from a young age, having served on ministry teams to Ecuador, Morocco and the Middle East. Disha is a third culture missionary kid born in India and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. She earned her degree in Elementary Education at Moody Bible Institute. They both served in Indonesia for a year as a couple, working with street children and serving at an international church. Disha also taught in Jakarta at an international school for two years.

In 2011 they returned to Chicago and served at the South Asian Friendship Center where they had first met. They have been actively involved at The Moody Church (their home church) with the Hispanic congregation, the audio-visual technical team and women’s and men’s outreaches. They are both graduates of Moody Bible Institute and enjoy immersing in cross-cultural experiences with a desire to contextualize the gospel, especially as they live and work in a Hispanic neighborhood.

The Moreaus were received as GLINTS global staff in April 2016. Spain will be their field of service with a potential for serving a great number of people through GLINTS’ global partner, Decisión.

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